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Snuzzle's Village!

All rates are PER VISIT to your home.

An additional fee may apply beyond a 5 mile radius of Ithaca. Not sure? Contact us!


Care in Your Home


Dogs and cats?

1 or 2 dogs = $25.00 per visit

3 dogs = $30.00 per visit

1 or 2 cats = $20.00 per visit

3 cats = $25.00 per visit

Contact us for a quote regarding multi-species care!

There is an in-home consultation fee of $25. Consultations allow us to meet your pet(s) and learn their routine! If a pet sitting reservation is made at the time of the consultation, the $25 consultation fee will be applied to the overall cost of care.

Have 4 or more pets?       Have pets other than dogs & cats?

CONTACT US for a free quote that matches your needs.

Small Animal Boarding

Rabbits, hamsters, reptiles, birds, and other small pets.

$10.00 per night (+ $5.00 waste disposal fee per week, if applicable)

Please bring cage, food, litter, water bottle, toys and any

other necessary items.

Nail Trimming

Cats and Dogs:

Basic Pedicure- $15

Pedicure with SoftPaws- $25

Small pets: Rates are $10+. Contact us for more information!

See our Services page for more information on SoftPaws!

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