Services from

Snuzzle's Village!

In-home consultations offered

before first visit!



  • Fresh food & clean water

  • Play time 

  • Walks/exercise after meals (Even in bad weather!)

  • Clean up (inside and out)

  • Administration of medication


  • Fresh food & clean water

  • Scooped & filled litter box

  • Play time

  • Clean up (yes, we clean up hairballs, too!)

  • Administration of medication

Rabbits, birds, fish, reptiles & other small animals

During the consultation visit, we will talk about your pet's needs and

we will provide care according to your instructions.


Now offering nail trimming for cats, dogs, and other animals!

We also offer SoftPaws for dogs, cats, and rabbits!

SoftPaws are a safe and humane alternative to declawing cats, and are also used on dogs and other animals to protect furniture, floors, owners, and even the pets themselves from their sharp claws. Contact us for more information!

A wide variety of colors are available to choose from upon scheduling


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer boarding services.