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One of the big stressors of leaving our geriatric cats for 10 days was trusting who would care well for our babies. Cindy and Katrina went above and beyond to care for our cats, plants, and the house was clean as a whistle when we returned! Thank you Snuzzle's Village!

Georgie and Luna; Sondra and Andy

Geriatric Cats

Our special needs kitties were well cared for, with exceptional attention to their quirks, personalities, and care needs. We were able to travel with complete confidence in their well-being. What a relief! Thank you, Snuzzlers!

Nutmeg and Saffron; Karen and Bill

Two Special Seniors

We cannot thank Snuzzle's Village enough for giving us the peace of mind while we were away on vacation. Out cats were well cared for in every way, and Snuzle's even could tell that our one cat was dehydrated and arranged for vet attention to keep him healthy. The updated were so so so appreciated. Above & beyond!

Zeek, Tupelo, and Santa; Anna and John

Medical Attention Found

I highly recommend Snuzzle’s Village. Cindy and Katrina take such great care of our animals! While we’re away, they email us updates with pictures of our obviously very happy pets, which includes a menagerie of two dogs and three cats. In fact, our dogs love them so much that when Cindy returns our key, Hairyette and Hercules want to go home with her. In addition to taking great care of our animals, they also bring in our mail and always leave everything very neat and orderly. Enjoying our trip is easy knowing our pets are well cared for and that if anything goes wrong in our house while we’re away someone will notify us of the problem immediately.

Chris P.

Felines and canines galore!

It is my greatest pleasure to recommend Katrina as a pet sitter. My name is Sarah Kurahashi-Sofue and I am a senior at Cornell University studying Animal Science. I own two extremely shy, 2 year old, rescue cats who got their start with little-to-no human interaction. They, therefore, are very wary of everyone but my boyfriend and me - they hide or slink away in the presence of others.


Katrina, however, was able to gain their trust enough so that one actually fell asleep on her lap (she had never done that to anyone else before)! To me, that already marked her as a great pet sitter. She not only follows instructions incredibly well, but is very diligent in what she does. Upon request, she texted me with updates on my cats when I was away (with photos attached). And, whenever I came home from my trips, the litter box was clean, food bowls were full, and the water, fresh and topped off. She is quick to respond to messages and extremely reliable!




Marie Sarah Kurahashi-Sofue

Kiwi and Haven; Marie Sarah Kurahashi-Sofue

Shy Cats, No Problem!

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